Help responsible
digital technology shine

As you know, Olinn supports certain causes that are shared by all the employees. Reducing companies’ environmental impact is one of them.

Today more than ever, professionals are attracted by many different models: The circular economy, control of the ecological footprint, CSR, the relocation of flows, the solidarity-based economy, and the budgetary coordination of these projects, etc.

However, applying these models to everyday organisation is complex.

Olinn implements organisational systems and techniques on a daily basis that allow our customers and our suppliers to include these new models into the management of their technological equipment.

We develop innovative solutions for all steps in the life cycle of your professional equipment: sourcing, integration, operations, and end-of-life.

These solutions transform the use and consumption of technology assets by companies and preserve 3 essential performances:

  • Economic performance by reducing costs,
  • social performance by systematically guiding our solutions towards virtuous practices,
  • and organisational performance in order to turn your regulatory and technical constraints into opportunities.

Our priority is to ensure that the OLINN group is seen as the reference European player for new-generation technologies.


Olinn also helps save bees and supports bee-keepers

Protecting natural resources

Olinn has also launched environmentally-friendly and civic initiatives. In France, more than 30% of bee colonies disappear each year. If bees went extinct, there would be serious consequences for both the environment and the economy.

So, Olinn is helping to save them and support bee-keepers by sponsoring hives with the “A roof for bees” initiative.

1 hive = 40,000 bees sponsored each year!