Olinn & You

Olinn is a dynamic group embodied by the faces of nearly 170 women and men every day. Now more than ever, we want to inspire our employees to have confidence about the future by doing everything we can to help them contribute to the company's success.

Our sole focus? Winning together.

By creating positive working conditions, combining complementary skill sets, respecting each individual's culture, and all this while offering close, supportive management.

Because together, we are stronger!

Join a European group and grow with us

In my role, curiosity is key: you have to get interested in everything -- our clients, their business, technology. That's how we improve our financial expertise.

Agency Director
Audrey Directrice d'Agence à Toulouse

Ever higher for our customers!

In a group such as Olinn, we learn to excel every day so as to guarantee our customers Zero-defect satisfaction!

Anne Laure
Sales-Finance Engineer
Témoignage Olinn

Above all, the Olinn'Attitude is a state of mind!

So much know-how and expertise showcases the wealth of our profession today.

Responsable Commercial – gestion de flotte mobiles

Precision for a quality service!

At Olinn, our working methods reflect our values and our DNA: Openness, Cooperation and Efficiency.

General Services Assistant

Business isn’t invented; it’s learned!

We are looking for new graduates who are just starting out to help Olinn grow.

You will be trained and will join one of our agencies in Europe where you will have the opportunity to represent the Group.

Up for the challenge? Apply now!

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