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Olinn’s Q&E management system

As part of its constant efforts to improve performance, Olinn IT, the group’s refurbishment subsidiary, has put together an effective quality and environmental management system, earning ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification in 2021.
With these efforts, Olinn is committed to achieving optimum customer satisfaction and exemplary environmental impact management.
By choosing AFNOR as its certifying body, Olinn is ensuring the highest level of standards in its ongoing performance assessment.



Olinn puts CSR first

The international rating agency EcoVadis has awarded the “Silver” rating to Olinn’s refurbishment subsidiary for its commitment and dedication to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With an overall score of 56/100, Olinn ranks among the top third of labelled companies, and outstrips all other companies in its category and industry by more than 73%.

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Ecovadis assesses companies in four main areas:

  • The environment
  • Human rights
  • Business ethics
  • Responsible procurement

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Olinn partners with ECOLOGIC

Olinn collects and recycles technological hardware through its partnership with “Ecologic”, a producer responsibility organisation certified to treat WEEE.

Ecologic is a government-approved producer responsibility organisation that organises the collection, cleanup and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) in France. A public-interest organisation, since 2006 Ecologic has been working with stakeholders to develop a circular economy based on prevention and waste recycling processes.

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Olinn, a member of the UN Global Compact

The group’s refurbishment subsidiary is a member of the United Nations Global Compact.
Olinn has pledged to support the 10 principles of the compact concerning:

  • human rights
  • international labour standards 
  • environmental protection 
  • anti-corruption  

It is dedicated to advancing these principles wherever it holds sway, and is committed to incorporating them into its strategy, culture and daily operations.
Olinn also participates in collaborative projects to advance the UN’s broader development goals, particularly the Millennium Development Goals.

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Olinn, a disability-friendly company

Olinn’s refurbishment subsidiary has been designated a Disability-Friendly Company, with nearly 55% of its employees being disabled As part of this programme, working conditions and resources are reviewed to adapt them to employees’ needs and disabilities.

Olinn continually trains and supports its employees by supervising their career aspirations and goals.

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