Management of equipment life-cycle

Olinn offers services for every type of equipment.

  • Comprehensive management of mobile devices: provision of new or refurbished smartphones, preparation of phones, MDM, accessories, customisation, deployment, repair, recovery, refurbishment and recycling.
  • Comprehensive management of IT stock: sourcing of refurbished equipment, management of upgrades for up-to-date stock, recovery, refurbishment and/or recycling.
  • Comprehensive management of vehicle fleets: sourcing, delivery, repair and maintenance, fuel, tyres, etc. 

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Repair or resell your used technology equipment, an economical and environmentally friendly approach.

A disability-friendly company

As a disability-friendly company, more than 80% of positions in production services are held by employees with disabilities.

All invoicing for services resulting from recovery of stock (audit, refurbishment, erasure of data, etc.) allows partial exemption from AGEFIPH and FIPHFP contributions (the funds to provide job opportunities for disabled persons) for French companies and administrations.


More than 250,000 items of IT equipment handled in 2019

Our teams are responsible for the restoration of computer equipment: repair if necessary, complete re-profiling, data erasure, installation of an operating system and a wide range of software for computers, and upgrading with the latest mobile-compatible operating systems.


More than 180,000 smartphones and tablets managed for our clients


Fast repair of mobile devices

Our expert teams offer a comprehensive mobile fleet management service: provision of devices and accessories, commissioning, MDM, repair and recovery of equipment, plus processing and transfer services for confidential data

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3,000 Multibrand Vehicles in fleets

Olinn provides a comprehensive vehicle-leasing offer, with all services included, guaranteeing efficient management of your vehicle fleet.

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