Olinn, a group built
on multiple entities

Olinn groups together several companies, including Factum Finance (specialist in scalable leasing and professional equipment management since 1995), which has been developing through external growth since 2018, allowing it to add new services and expand its offering in the life cycle management of professional equipment. The Group uses a circular economy approach and responds to its clients’ corporate social responsibility (CSR) needs.


Factum Group wanted to write a shared story under a new, unique name: Olinn.

Explore the companies that make up the Olinn Group.

Factum Finance

Since its creation in Nancy in 1995, Factum Group has become an independent European leader in professional equipment management.


To support its professional clients, this scalable leasing specialist has expanded its leasing solutions offering and developed its value-added technical and financial expertise in the sectors of IT, mobile telephones, medicine, industry and rolling stock.

To consolidate its close relationship with its clients, Factum Group has extended its geographic network across the whole of France via 12 sales agencies and six foreign subsidiaries in Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Spain.

Factum Finance in figures from 2018:
2 billion
of equipment financed


Nodixia joined the Group in January 2019 to expand the IT equipment life cycle management offering. Nodixia is an expert in IT life cycle management, and specialises in particular in the reconversion, refurbishment and resale of IT and mobile telephone hardware.

Created in 2003, the company is located in Languedoc-Roussillon (in Lunel-Viel). It has a double ISO 9001 and 14001 certification and is also recognised as a “disability-friendly company” (Entreprise Adaptée) with more than 80% of employees with a disability.

Nodixia strengthens the Group’s positioning on the IT market. This alliance allows Factum to serve as the ideal partner to provide our clients with value-added services to help them improve their IT and mobile telephone equipment management by handling all constraints related to hardware life cycles (distribution, life cycle extension, refurbishment, recycling). Used equipment is refurbished and all data are erased according to GDPR standards. Equipment that reaches the end of its life cycle is recycled in socially responsible workshops in compliance with DEEE standards.

Nodixia in figures:
of refurbishment workshop space
people, including 80% that have a disability
+ de 15
employees in 2019 to support growth

Les Artisans Du Mobile

The company Les Artisans du Mobile joined the Factum Group in January 2019 to expand the mobile equipment management and financing offerings. Les Artisans Du Mobile offer a comprehensive professional mobile stock service: supply of devices and accessories, start-up, hardware repair and return, plus confidential data processing and transfer services.

With premises in Paris and Bordeaux, the company serves key account customers and the public sector. With 15 years’ experience and 180,000 smartphones managed, the specialist rapid repair teams handle the complete management of mobile stock with a 24-hour repair service.

Les Artisans Du Mobile in figures:
+ de 15
years of mobile phone expertise
specialist team for rapid repair
rapid repair

AGL Services


In March 2020, Factum strengthened its positioning on the long-term professional vehicle leasing market by bringing AGL Services into the Group. This company is one of the leading independent professional automotive fleet long-term leasing (LTL) managers with a fleet of nearly 3,000 multi-brand vehicles.

Located in Aix-en-Provence, the company has shown outstanding performance country-wide for more than 30 years. It offers long-term vehicle leasing solutions (18 to 60 months) including services tailored to the specific needs of companies, organisations and local authorities (maintenance, fuel, repairs, return, repurchasing, etc.).

This acquisition is aligned with Factum Group’s external growth strategy aimed at expanding the professional equipment management and financing services offering.

AGL Services in figures:
years of expertise
in turnover in 2019

Coming together is a start, staying together is progress, working together is success.

Olinn, filiale du groupe Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

En décembre 2021, Olinn continue son développement et ouvre un nouveau chapitre en rejoignant Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring pour accélérer le développement des offres de gestion des équipements professionnels « Equipment as a Service »

Avec l’acquisition d’Olinn, Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring complète l'offre qu’elle propose aux clients du groupe Crédit Agricole par une offre de financement et de gestion de matériels, sur l’ensemble de leur cycle de vie. CAL&F internalise ainsi entièrement la chaîne de valeur, avec un concept unique : 1 interlocuteur, 1 contrat, 1 facture.

En proposant une gestion de fin de vie des matériels à ses clients, CAL&F s’inscrit dans une démarche résolument RSE.

CAL&F en quelques chiffres
ans d'expertise
1 ETI sur 3
financée en France par CAL&F
225 400
clients dont 87 800 à l'international
collaborateurs dont 1347 à l'international