Strong, responsible, ethical leadership capable of rolling out long-term strategies: these are the key assets of Olinn Group's governance. The Group is led by its CEO Arnaud Deymier. He is supported

The Group is led by its CEO Arnaud Deymier. He is supported by the four members of the Group Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee head the Group’s functional divisions. They implement strategic orientations and lead operational activities throughout Europe.

Biographies of the Olinn Group Executive Committee members.


Arnaud Deymier, CEO

“Olinn is an ensemble of expertise, know-how, and, most importantly, talented, committed, and passionate employees.

Together, we take action every day to be the European leader in equipment management and financing within a holistic and sustainable approach.

In addition to defining long-term development strategies for the Group, my role is to empower all employees to take action to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

With the executive committee supporting me with operational management, we are making every effort to develop, strengthen and ensure the long-term success of the Group.

Our priority is to create team cohesion and develop talent with the aim of achieving good balance and diversity of skills and backgrounds, all based on a solid ethical foundation.

At Olinn, our core belief is this: Together, we are stronger”.

  • Guillaume Dersoir, Director of Financing
  • Delphine Olas, Director of Human Resources & CSR
  • Jérôme Camilleri, Director of Technology & Life Cycle Management
  • Xavier Lequien, Director of Synergies and International Development
  • Marjorie Mullin, Administrative and Financial Director
  • Mohamed Sefane, Director of Mobile Expertise
  • Delphine Olas, Director of Human Resources & CSR
  • Gaëlle Masson, Marketing & Development Director
  • Franck Poncin, Director, Risk & compliance
  • Nadira Rogovic, Director of Information Systems
  • Stéphane Chardon, Financial Director
  • Charles Friot, Director of Automotive Solutions