Clone of Governance

Strong, responsible, ethical leadership capable of rolling out long-term strategies: these are the key assets of Olinn Group's governance. The Group is led by its CEO Arnaud Deymier. He is supported

The Group is led by its CEO Arnaud Deymier. He is supported by the four members of the Group Executive Committee. The members of the Executive Committee head the Group’s functional divisions. They implement strategic orientations and lead operational activities throughout Europe.

Biographies of the Olinn Group Executive Committee members.


Arnaud Deymier, CEO

“Olinn is an ensemble of expertise, know-how, and, most importantly, talented, committed, and passionate employees.

Together, we take action every day to be the European leader in equipment management and financing within a holistic and sustainable approach.

In addition to defining long-term development strategies for the Group, my role is to empower all employees to take action to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

With the executive committee supporting me with operational management, we are making every effort to develop, strengthen and ensure the long-term success of the Group.

Our priority is to create team cohesion and develop talent with the aim of achieving good balance and diversity of skills and backgrounds, all based on a solid ethical foundation.

At Olinn, our core belief is this: Together, we are stronger”.


Guillaume Dersoir, Director of Financing

“To bring our clients and partners even more services, the financing division groups together several guiding missions for the Olinn Group.

Finance is our core business, and every day my teams contribute to the Group's development.

On a daily basis, they show their commitment to managing all the financing needs of our clients, suppliers, and partners.

Keeping a close relationship with our financial partners is a priority to ensure our shared clients receive the best possible service.

In a constant quest for better performance, we collaborate with our internal clients to guarantee a quality service for our external clients”.


Stanislas Husson, Director of Technology & Life Cycle Management

“Now more than ever, a great number of models are appealing to professionals: the circular economy, a lessened environmental footprint, CSR, reshoring of flows, the solidarity economy, as well budget management for these projects Nevertheless, applying these models in an organisation remains complex.

On a daily basis, we and our teams implement organisational systems and techniques that help our clients and suppliers incorporate these new models into the management of their technological equipment. We develop innovative solutions for every step of your professional equipment’s life cycle.

These solutions transform companies’ use and consumption of technological goods while sustaining three essential areas of performance: economic performance by reducing costs, social performance by always moving our solutions towards virtuous practices, and organisational performance to turn your regulatory and technical constraints into opportunities.

Making the Olinn Group the leading European player in latest-generation technological performance is our priority!”


Xavier Lequien, Sales Director

“As Sales Director of the Olinn Group, I lead and supervise our company's sales strategy which specialises in the financing and management of technological assets.

With a sales team over 50 members strong, we are in daily contact with our clients (medium-sized companies and major groups) and partners to support them in managing the life cycle of their equipment.

The Group's amazing capacity to refurbish the equipment we manage, and therefore to give it a second or even third life on the market, has become the keystone of our growth.

Our strategy and emphasis on close relationships have remained intact since the Group's creation in 1995, leveraging our 16 agencies in five European countries.

Obsolescence of equipment on the markets in which we operate and the constant changes and shifts of all our clients, combined with our range of services make Olinn Group a leading European player that helps clients carry out all their high value-added projects successfully”.


Marjorie Mullin, Administrative and Financial Director

“Reliability, consolidation and management are the essential pillars of the financial and administrative management of the Olinn group.

My team is passionate about its work, and every day it works with me to manage and produce reliable financial information that is legally compliant.

We work primarily with our clients and their suppliers on finances.

Invoice payment is the most important way to ensure our clients’ satisfaction.

As director of this department, my role is to make sure that our core business, which is a true differentiating factor, is running properly.

Digitisation is a fundamental step to improve our client services. My roles also include managing, rolling out, and improving our information systems to ensure overall performance across all our entities”.


Mohamed Sefane, Director of Mobile Expertise

“Contributing to client satisfaction in terms of mobile offerings is our priority. The team I manage that handles mobile stock management supports our SME, major group, and local authority clients every day in every area of mobile technology.

Whether it's supplying terminals and accessories, deploying technology on site, or maintaining all fleet terminals in operational condition, our teams bring all their expertise to bear to serve our clients.

All our experts and technicians take action every day throughout France and Europe to ensure the satisfaction of our clients who have remained loyal to us over the years.

Olinn stands for an alliance of technical and financial expertise to serve companies”.