Outsource your company's mobile devices

Why outsource?

Managing a company's mobile devices is becoming more and more complex. There are so many to choose from, and sourcing, deployment, management and maintenance of all a company's mobile devices takes more time than ever. This is all the more so in this post-COVID period, when companies have had to move to working from home and video conferencing. Companies therefore now need high-performance mobile devices. Can outsourcing help address this problem?

What does outsourcing of mobile devices involve?

Outsourcing your smartphones or mobile devices involves appointing a service provider to manage them. This is what Olinn offers with its comprehensive package for managing mobile devices, whether they are bought or leased. This outsourcing package for your phones and tablets includes:

  • Sourcing: you choose your new or refurbished equipment and benefit from the best offers for laptops and tablets.
  • Operating leases for your devices with many financial benefits.
  • Deployment: we offer various services during the deployment phase. For example, personalisation of devices, protection (cases and films against breakage), registration, data migration, setting up mobile device management, deployment of mobile devices on site, delivery, etc.
  • Management: an app makes it very easy for you to manage all your mobile devices. A hotline is also available.
  • Repairs: if a device is faulty, it will be repaired in a few hours, on site or in a workshop.
  • Recovery: your devices are taken back and refurbished. This is part of an environmentally friendly strategy that meets compliance and security standards.

What are the benefits of outsourcing your mobile devices?

Cheaper mobile devices

By taking out operating leases for your mobile devices, you pay only to use these phones and tablets during the lease period. You also preserve your investment capacity, optimise your balance sheet and control your ownership costs. We reckon that the repair services included under the operating lease can save you 20% on management costs compared to conventional management.

Higher performance mobile devices

By opting for operating leases, you will always have state-of-the-art devices. You do not have to manage delivery, returns or repairs. And if a model becomes obsolete for your uses, we can offer you another. In addition, the devices are delivered already set up, saving you a significant amount of time. You can therefore continue to focus on your core business and devote yourself 100% to developing your company.

More responsible mobile devices

What should you do with your company's phones when they no longer meet your needs? Olinn can take your equipment back and send it to specific refurbishment or recycling facilities. Reusing and recycling equipment helps reduce the use of natural resources. You are therefore becoming part of the circular economy, which is one of the pillars of CSR (corporate social responsibility).

Olinn supports you in the management of your professional equipment !